In The Food Service And Catering Industries Quality Food Thermometers Can Be Your Best Culinary Tool

One of your best investments in the food service and food service catering industry can be the purchase of several professional quality food thermometers. Temperature control is the most successful as well as best way to manage food borne illness and the spread of “food poisoning”. Who needs to take such a chance of your catering business and its reputation in the food industry, unnecessarily and needlessly?

It can be said that the rule of thumb is that any food needing refrigeration should never be at room temperature for more than one hour, or at the most a maximum of two hours duration, before serving that food or meal.

Make it a solid rule and principle to keep frozen food below 0 degrees Fahrenheit, cold food under 40 degrees F.; and hot food between 32 and 40 degrees. Poultry, fish and meats – including cold cuts and smoked meats should be stored at less than 37 degrees F. Milk, eggs, butter, cheeses and eggs not over 40 degrees F. (Before serving butter, the butter can be held for several hours at 50 degrees F). Most fruit, salad, vegetables and desserts can do well at temperatures of up to 45 degrees F. It is always best to cover and label everything you are involved with in your catering food operations – you do not want to contaminate cooked food with uncooked raw foodstuffs and ingredients which may be loaded with dangerous bacteria ready to infect your prepared food.

As for freezer temperatures this has to be between 0 degrees F and – 15 degrees F. for frozen poultry, meats and fish, frozen fruits and vegetables, ice cream and other frozen desserts. It is always best and wise to make sure that you have one thermometer in the refrigerator and another thermometer for testing purposes. Always, always avoid the danger zones of between 40 degrees F to 140 degrees F.

When storing food, use shallow storage containers to present a large surface area.
Place these storage containers in the freezer or refrigerator as soon as possible. Make it a priority. Earlier is always better and safer than later. The idea of cooling hot foods first is a dangerous idea left over from the era of iceboxes, when hot food would melt the ice, actually increasing the efficiencies of the icebox. Large quantity food tasks have to be performed with an awareness of food safety. It can be said that the danger zone can be said to be between the temperatures of 40 degrees F and 140 degrees F. Defrost frozen food in the refrigerator, or in a microwave oven – following the microwave oven manufacturer’s directions which can usually be found in the microwave oven manual or online on the manufactures product support website. Frozen food can routinely be defrosted under running cold water, or cold water that is changed every thirty minutes. The basic standby rule is that frozen food that is defrosted should be cooked within a two hour maximum timeframe.

For hot foods, the minimum guidelines are to hold them safely at an internal temperature of 165 degrees F until they are served. Of course most have to be cooked at higher temperatures. By and large, cooking temperature always mean internal temps from 160 degrees F to 180 degrees F for poultry, but they must be regulated on item -by- item basis. During broiling, baking and roasting, bacteria and parasites, including the ubiquitous salmonella are killed. A probe thermometer is your best tool. Usually food is served well under the hour or two standard holding time periods. Maintaining the temperatures for occasions like buffet service is to make the sure that the water in steam table dishes is 180 degrees F, and that food placed in it is at 165 degrees F. If neither method is available refrigerate or freeze immediately for future service. Mishandled food has to be discarded, so it is most important that all people you work with, and that work for your catering service understand the rules simply and fully.

It can be said that there are many thousands of foodservice establishments run all throughout the world that are doing a wonderful job , maintaining wonderful business and reputations while providing safe meals. It all comes down to a few rules and procedures that are consistently followed. One of the simplest and most effective tools to have is to purchase a number of professional quality food thermometers.

The Best Culinary Arts Chef Schools

Do you have a recipe book filled with the best recipes you’ve ever tasted? Can you create your own recipes and cook them flawlessly? Do all your friends say you should be a professional chef? Wonderful! Just one problem…before you go out and start pounding the pavement for that dream job behind the stove, you’re going to have to graduate from a formal culinary arts program. A culinary arts chef school will prepare you with more than just recipes and skills.

There are a lot of different culinary arts programs out there, and they all offer different programs and train by different methods. All the schools teach the basics of cooking, of course, but you will also need in-depth training and internships as well to prepare you for the real world of a culinary arts profession. Students will study food science, business, and dining room operations. In addition, they will be required to serve internships so they can see exactly what their future will be like.

Sure, having a job as a chef sounds full of prestige and status. Studying a two year program doesn’t sound that difficult, either. But those who think they should become chefs because they can make tasty home-cooked meals won’t be ready for the rigors of either the school or the profession. A chef must be ready to understand what’s required to make an entire list of food items every day, and be able to plan the timing and ingredients on all of them. Chefs are on their feet almost the entire workday. Only those who are ready for the raw realities of cooking professionally should consider culinary arts chef schools.

Also remember the sacrifices you will have to make for this profession. Chefs often give up their weekends, holidays, and other prime days off for their professions, and while everyone else is enjoying holiday meals and family gatherings, chefs are on their feet for long hours preparing meals in a different environment.

Even if the fat paycheck sounds worth it all, remember that graduation from even a top chef college doesn’t guarantee you a good job, especially if you’re right out of school. The chances that you’ll be hired in a 5-star hotel or fine restaurant are slim, and you will have to work many years before you’re qualified for these positions. If you have dreams of managing a restaurant, you will have to add more education.

So remember, although it’s a good idea to find and graduate from a fine culinary arts chef school, you will still have to gain experience in lower levels of the restaurant business.

Tips On Choosing The Best Culinary Arts School

You may be a great cook already, but if you want a future in the culinary arts world you’ll need training and education in order to succeed. And that’s where culinary schools come in. They are educational institutions that are designed for one simple purpose, to teach you what you need to know in order to pursue your vocation in the culinary arts field.

So if you want a career in culinary arts, you need to start considering which culinary school you should attend. And a lot will depend on what kind of job you wish to pursue after you graduate. Perhaps you want to be a restaurant manager or owner, maybe a chef, or even a food writer. In order to qualify for almost any of these positions, you’ll need the education and training that are provided at a quality culinary school.

So what should you look for when searching for culinary schools? Perhaps the first thing you should look at is whether a particular culinary arts school is fully accredited or not. This is very important to your future employment opportunities as only accredited culinary schools provide the kind of education degrees that are really valuable in the workplace. So do your best to avoid any school that is not fully accredited by a review of its educational peers as being well worth your educational investment. There are many education scams that are out there, and you want to be sure to stay far away from these.

You also want make sure that the particular school you are interested in will be able to teach the specific courses that apply to the career you are pursuing. Some schools will specialize more in certain fields of the culinary arts, whereas others will pay attention to different kinds of courses. So narrow your field down from the accredited schools that you found to those that offer the kind of courses that will benefit you most.

The next consideration is how important is it for the school to be close to where you live? If you are able, do they provide dorms and living quarters on campus where you can stay? If at all possible, it’s a good idea to visit the college campus and tour the facilities, perhaps even observing a class if you can. This will help you get a good feel about whether this particular school will be a good fit for you.

You’ll also want to consider the kind of qualifications that they require for acceptance, and whether or not you meet these qualifications at this point. Then review the length of the course program, as this can vary greatly from one school to another.

Finally, education costs should also be considered, but keep in mind that the education you receive will provide for a lifetime of solid income. So is usually best to make your decision based more on the quality of the education that you will receive rather than the costs of the school instead. And if costs seem prohibitive, there are many scholarships that are usually available to those who are willing to work hard and apply for them that can help offset these expenses.

So whether your interest is in being a baker, a gourmet chef, a restaurant owner, a food writer, or some other field in the culinary arts, following the suggestions provided above should help you get the culinary arts degree that you really want.

Best Culinary School

There are many world class culinary schools, but there can be only one crowned the very best of them all. To be the best the school must have the best curriculum, the best teachers and trainers as well as the most successful graduates. I might be a little biased, but I believe the best culinary school in the world is Le Cordon Bleu.

Le Cordon Bleu (meaning blue ribbon) was established as a culinary school in 1895 and today have over 20000 students in 29 schools throughout 5 continents. They offer hospitality based courses such as management, cooking and pastry making, food journalism and many more. The courses are based on a solid curriculum and practical hands on training which is provided by world class chefs. This is one of the reasons that they are such a highly regarded culinary school.

They have many available diplomas in areas such as pastry making, but the most sought after diploma is the “Grand Diplome.” This is one of the only cooking diplomas that signifies mastery of both pastry and culinary arts skills. A grand diploma from Le Cordon Bleu is renowned throughout the world and opens the door into restaurants around the world. It is more than just a cooking school – they teach the art of cooking!

Not everyone can attend Le Cordon Bleu and there are many other fine culinary schools worth considering including; The Culinary Institute of America, Western Culinary Institute, New England Culinary Institute and many more. Most schools require some level of high school education and it is important to check the entry requirements before applying.

The Best Culinary Institutions

There are many culinary institutions in France as it is truly the home to the finest food in the world. However when it comes to the absolute best culinary schools in France, one has to go no further than to Paris, France. One of the first schools that one will find or hear about is that of the Ecole de Gastronome Francaise Ritz-Escoffier. This particular school is located right in the Ritz Hotel in Paris and has been around since 1898. Ritz truly has set all of the hotel and restraint standards in the country of France.

Since 1895, the Le Cordon Bleu which loosely translates to the blue ribbon has been one of the leaders in the culinary schools around the world. As of current, Le Cordon Bleu has over 30 culinary schools in 15 different countries around the world. Since its conception, Le Cordon Bleu has been recognized by the international community as the best in the world. By 1905, the institute had already accepted its first Asian Student and by 1945, it was credited as the only school in France to be able to accept Soldiers under the GI Bill.

You also have in Paris, the Marguerite’s Elegant Home Cooking which offers a well developed program which starts with a visit to the local market for fresh ingredients and ends with a full day’s in kitchen training and the cooking of an entire two course French dinner.

All throughout the country at various hotels and chateaus, one can find themselves a culinary school that will teach you to cook the French way. You do not just have to visit Paris to learn French cooking. Check with the hotel you are staying at anywhere in the country and you will find that there is always an excellent culinary school nearby.

Optimizing Your Travel and Tourism Website

The internet has proven to be an interesting tool for travellers. It has now become extremely easy for internet users to plan and organize business and leisure holidays at a click of a mouse. The internet gives users the freedom to compare rates, get unbiased reviews and make informed decisions on holidays without worrying about being fleeced in foreign countries.

Booking hotels, flight tickets and even visa applications are now easily done through the web. The travel industry can take tremendous advantage of this setting to offer to their audiences a wide choice via engaging websites.

Give Your Audience a Peak into what’s Out there

By using interesting design tools and interfaces you can easily create an appealing website for you visitors and give them an opportunity to travel, through your website. Integrating images into your web design is crucial to the success of any travel portal. The use of appealing images is a simple and the most straightforward way to entice visitors to your travel website.

Getting Professional Help

As a travel website it is strongly recommended that you get professional help to apply some interesting effects to your photos to create the best visual appeal. While this may go against most conventional design rules, considering the nature of your website, you could always incorporate some flash photo slideshows which further add to the appeal of the products you are promoting.

Blending Static and Dynamic Design Structures

A quintessential travel website consists of some static structure that is complimented with Flash effects to attract the attention of the target audience. You can also make good use of these dynamic tools to promote specific products and holiday packages on your portal. With modern design technology, you can leverage the use of 3D effects, animations and other graphic elements to exhibit your USP.

Give your target audience an opportunity to go through a mind-blowing journey through the Swiss Alps, the Canadian Rockies or the glaciers of Alaska by making use of these effects and visually enticing the audience.

Incorporate Call to Action Buttons

Do not forget to integrate a call to action feature into your website. Buttons such as ‘Book Now!’ and ‘Compare Prices Now!’ will encourage audience members to take actions you intend them to; allowing you to further exemplify the benefits of your products and packages.

Clarity in Information

While you design the content for your travel portal, you need to put yourself into the shoes of your audience and recognize their needs. Most travellers are looking for something new and exciting. Travellers want to make the most of every opportunity to learn new things, and expose themselves to different cultures.

The information that you provide must be able to communicate these facets of travel. Talk about the various activities, things to see, do, and look out for on your time there. Work towards building the excitement of the place you are promoting.

Travel and the Economy

In spite of the global melt down and the economic crisis facing many an industry, there is one industry that is still thriving. The travel industry. Recession or no recession, people have to travel and they do. Not only domestically but also internationally. Not only for personal purposes but also for business and for tourism also. We can almost say that the stress of the economic depression is making people travel and relax!

There is a saying that goes: “One man’s meat is another man’s poison”. And, on the same analogy, one individual’s idea of relaxation might be a villa in the South of France overlooking the beach and the sea, surrounded by “Abigails and Andrews” whereas that of another may be a tent in a remote spot on the same beach.

Just like in housing, where houses are being foreclosed and going for a song and it is a “buyers market”, the travel business is also on cloud nine and the offers for a memorable vacation in some of the exotic places on the planet surround the potential traveler. Travel agents the world over are trying their best to get people to travel. It is now time to take advantage of these offers and have a rollicking holiday in a new place.

But do you choose a place and do your budget or do you do your budget and choose a destination. The second is the wiser course as the first may turn out to be unaffordable. But there are such o lot of offers that you can even choose a place and then do your budget. Just see to it that it does not get you in the red, financially.

Once you have made up your mind to go somewhere for a vacation, immediately a number of questions popup. Is your passport current? What are the places that you are going to visit at your destination? What kind of accommodation are you going to live in? An independent house, a condo or a hotel room? What about transportation? You have to choose a location that is fairly easily accessible from the place of your stay. Try finding a resort that has its own transportation to the local attractions.

These are only some of the factors that you have to consider before setting out on your dream vacation. But whatever maybe, this is the ideal time for you to take that ideal vacation and make use the travel deals on offer

The Idea of Travel and Leisure

It is a big treat to travel not for any business or work-related reasons but simply for leisure and pleasure. For those who are new to this kind of thrill, there are a thousand ways to plan an itinerary given that one has the right knowledge and the right financial budget. The main essence of travel and leisure is not to simply travel and see places but to bring the concept of traveling to new heights by allowing oneself leisurely experiences while exploring the sights and sounds of the entire area. To determine the right fitted itinerary for your specific needs, a great consideration should be placed on the questions that most travelers ask. Will I be traveling alone or with a companion? What do I need to know if I plan to take the whole family for a leisurely vacation?

Traveling Solo

Most of the practical neophytes opt to go for a pre-planned itinerary that contains a complete set of services including the two-way travel ticket, the accommodation, the course of trips and tours, and other add-on services and perks that some travel agency offers. Going for a cruise type of solitary vacation is getting popular nowadays especially that the romantic promises of an immense horizon and endless waterworld-type of environment is too much to resist for people who escapes from the busy buzz of the urban jungle. Try the Caribbean or Norwegian cruise that would certainly break the monotony of your cyclical and routine-based existence. When you travel alone, try to bring a book, an ipod, or maybe something that would keep your hands busy such as art and painting materials or a writing implement to preoccupy your mind. There are also hotels and resorts that have customized their accommodations for those who want to spend their time alone and relax without worries.

Traveling with a Loved One

The concept of leisure and travel especially for honeymooners requires a focused planning especially in the creation of an itinerary of activities. To make it easier for couples and lovers, there are resorts and hotels that provide holistic services from wellness activities to superbly executed food and dining services. For a leisurely experience, couples mostly engage in activities that are not usually possible when they are on their usual ground. Some of these activities are scuba diving, parasailing, skiing, island hopping, mountain trekking, and even game hunting. In sharing a leisurely but quiet togetherness, couples could simply pamper themselves by getting a spa massage with soothing music on the background or by engaging in yoga and tai chi sessions to maintain the harmony of mind and body.

Traveling with the whole family

This is a tricky vacation getaway especially if you are bringing a baby or a toddler on your trip. Some wealthy families think leisure and travel hiring a nanny to look after the baby but some believe that carefully planning the whole vacation spree will eliminate most of your headaches when the actual trip already begins. One advice is to only bring the things that are necessary to at least minimize the bulk of luggage that you will be dragging with you. There are hotels and even restaurants that cater for a bigger number of customers and clients. Make sure to check out these places before barking on a family journey.

Travel and Leisure Clubs

The phrase “travel and leisure club” may refer to two things, both of which are associated with travel and touring. Because the amount of time, effort and money spent on the business of vacationing is usually considerable, a travel and leisure club may be an organization of people who come together to learn from each other’s experiences during their vacation. Such groups are everywhere. In the real world, you have travel and leisure clubs in almost every sizable community.

The other kind of travel and leisure clubs are those who cater to the needs of tourists. While the study clubs are devoted to spreading information to people about where to go and what to buy, this other kind…let’s call them service clubs…provide convenient facilities for tourists as well as good opportunities for yourself as a businessman.

Very appropriately, Travel and Leisure magazines of American Express Publishing specializes in both types of travel and leisure clubs. If you are particularly interested in finding the best places for one type of vacation activity, all you need to do on that web page is to type in the words you are looking for and submit. If any such clubs are catalogued with Travel and Leisure, they will pop up in the organic. For instance, if you type in “swimming clubs” and press enter, you will find a listing of the best beach and pool resorts all around the world.

Clicking any one of the organic results of the search will allow you to see not only the location of the club, but also what you may expect to find when you do get there; what sort of people will be frequenting it. Will you find celebrities there or just plain fun-loving people on vacation. Will you need to lug your formal clothes or some classy casuals? Do you want to mix with businessmen or politicians? And even if you are just looking to find animals instead of people, they have listings there for such exotic vacation ideas as safaris. Again, If you just want to go around the easy bend you can find places like skate parks. You might also set your direction for deep down under by looking for a snorkeling swim resort; they have that too. As a matter of fact the web page above is ideal for looking for any topic you may want to learn about and any type of travel and leisure club you want to unwind in. You could type in “Himalayas” in the search text box and you get a listing of topics related to northern India. You will probably learn about places that you didn’t know existed.

Their website is a treasure chest of valuable information, ideas and tips. But If you want detailed and regular updates on what’s new in resort clubs, when they happen, you should subscribe to the magazine.

Travel and Leisure World

Travel and leisure world is one place that everybody wishes he or she can go to. This is most common in Europe where millions and millions of tourists flock each and every year. Europe, more than any other continent is known for its grandeur and ambiance. There are the Royal Caribbean Cruises which make this wonderful travel and leisure world more than just a mere vacation. As you set out on your journey, be sure to start your experience of a lifetime in this fleet of ships. They have everything that anyone could expect in a travel and leisure world.

You should never get worried that you will miss a chance in these luxurious ships because they are always available. What prompts anyone who has been in these ships to call them a travel and leisure world are the amazing features that you find in them. Secondly, they have very courteous and friendly cabins on board who offer quality services. As you plan on how much you are going to part with, you should first realize that there are several options to choose from. The Royal Caribbean Cruises are quite a number and it depends on your choice of which one to travel in.

Your decision should be first and foremost influenced by your financial position and capability. Secondly, you should consider whether you are going to travel as family, couple, or as friends in a group. This travel and leisure world offers you the power to develop the cruise setting that you want. As if that is not enough, you are also left with the option to choose between cabins as well as dining options. As for the restaurants, they are quite a number.

The services and foods offered in this undisputed travel and leisure world are nothing but a mixture of brilliance and quality. There are both options of fine dining as well as casual. Generally, anybody or family which chooses to travel through this means is spoilt for choice. Even if you have a young child, you can order for anything that the baby eats and within a few minutes, you have it ready. This feature is what has brought the great fame and popularity that the Caribbean Cruise enjoys.

However, despite all the above favors the main aim of your vacation should not be over shadowed by these wonderful offers. You should make sure that you have a clear view of all sites in the travel and leisure world. This calls for hiring a person who will guide you on the ports to follow. He or she should also help you to organize your cruise and journey in such a manner that you are able to have a clear and good view of your favorite cities.

During your journey throughout Europe, especially in Ireland and Great Britain, you will get a clear and precise answer as to why this continent is referred to as the travel and leisure world. There are numerous sites which are not only natural tourist attractions, but they also tell so much about the continent’s history.

At the end of your travel and leisure world visit, you will have more than stories to tell.